Share This: We are aware of the strong competition among the privately-owned higher education institutions in Croatia and the importance of branding, and that is why we have seriously addressed this task. We have become publicly known for our recognized … Continue reading → The post STRONG BRAND IS REQUIRED IN... Read more »
    Share This: Every 9 minutes a million plastic bottles is sold all over the world… Every year 9 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way to the ocean … Choose the planet! In June 2018, National Geographic launched its … Continue reading → The post NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TACKLING THE PROBLEM... Read more »
  • Number of Companies Which Would Reinvest in Croatia Falls Significantly
    Share This: When compared to 2018, the share of companies that would reinvest in the Republic of Croatia dropped from 68 down to 54 percent. If they were asked to do so again today, almost half of the German companies operating … Continue reading → The post Number of Companies Which Would... Read more »
  • Many want to help us
    Share This: Thanks to the donations from our long-term partners, which include ordinary citizens, corporations and entrepreneurs, children and young people, who are under the Association’s care, have a carefree and happy childhood. For 27 years, SOS Children’s Village Croatia … Continue reading → The post Many want to help us... Read more »
  • Croatian Airports Record 252,000 Passengers in February
    Share This: Croatian airports recorded a total of 252,000 passengers in February 2019, up 9.9% on February 2018, while the number of flight operations increased by 8.4% to 4,442, data from the national statistical office show. On the other hand, … Continue reading → The post Croatian Airports Record 252,000 Passengers... Read more »
  • Hungary Offers to Buy 25% of LNG Terminal on Krk
    Share This: The Hungarian government has made an offer to buy 25 percent of a LNG terminal that is to be built in Croatia, said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. He had talks with Croatia’s Environment and Energy Minister Tomislav Ćorić on … Continue reading → The post Hungary Offers to Buy 25%... Read more »
  • Croatia in Plus of 14.4 Billion Kuna from EU Membership
    Share This: As one of the members of the European Union, Croatia has paid 19.7 billion kuna into the EU’s joint budget since its accession back in the summer of 2013. The Republic of Croatia has since received 34.1 billion … Continue reading → The post Croatia in Plus of 14.4... Read more »
  • Investment Fund Buys Mlinar, Leading Bakery Company in Croatia
    Share This: The Mid Europa Partners Fund has entered into the ownership structure of Mlinar, the leading bakery company in Croatia. Mato Škojo will retain a share, but Mid Europa will have a majority stake, according to a statement posted … Continue reading → The post Investment Fund Buys Mlinar, Leading... Read more »
  • Peace, Love and Communication: Weekend Takes on the Legendary Woodstock Spirit
    Share This: Under the „Peace, Love and Communication “ slogan the twelfth edition of Weekend Media Festival will bring the spirit of the legendary Woodstock. The largest media festival in the region will prepare an homage to the unforgettable American … Continue reading → The post Peace, Love and Communication: Weekend... Read more »
  • We are not lagging behind other EU countries
    Share This: The results show that we have achieved a lot in the past year, like revenue increases, new computerization projects, and the inclusion of new medications in drug lists. We expect positive trends to continue in the future too. … Continue reading → The post We are not lagging behind... Read more »