• Exemplary cooperation
    Share This: Croatia and Montenegro share the same strategic foreign political goals. Both are NATO members, and Montenegro wants to become a part of EU as soon as possible, in which it had and has full support from Croatia. For … Continue reading → The post Exemplary cooperation appeared first on... Read more »
  • Five years of IBSZ Bright Horizons
    Share This: Under the auspices of the UK Embassy and with the support of the City of Zagreb and the International British School of Ljubljana, International British School of Zagreb – Bright Horizons, marked the 5th anniversary of its work … Continue reading → The post Five years of IBSZ Bright... Read more »
  • We stick to our promises
    Share This: A recently signed bilateral Strategic Partnership Agreement for the years 2018-2021 confirms the strong ties between France and Croatia. Naturally, France supports Croatia’s efforts in the process of joining the Schengen area, the EMU and the OECD.  In … Continue reading → The post We stick to our promises... Read more »
  • Croatia is a country of diverse tourism
    Share This: Croatian tourism has the potential to achieve even greater results and I believe we will be year-round successful. The most important moment is the change in attitudes and consumption habits of our visitors, who, besides the sea and … Continue reading → The post Croatia is a country of... Read more »
  • Each event has its own magic
    Share This: While the Croatian public is enjoying seeing Italian masters as well as new young artists, musicians, dancers and writers, the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb is busy preparing the next magnificent cultural season. Italy and Croatia have been … Continue reading → The post Each event has its own... Read more »
  • Italy and Croatia growing together
    Share This: The office of  Italian Trade Agency in Zagreb was founded in 1956 and is one of the oldest such offices in the world, well-known among Croatian companies. We have an extensive network of offices around the world – 79 … Continue reading → The post Italy and Croatia growing together... Read more »
  • easyJet selected Croatia for the destination of the year!
    Share This: For the first time in history, this company’s magazine is devoted to only one country – Croatia. British airline easyJet announced Croatia as the destination of the year, which was additionally confirmed by the printing of the July … Continue reading → The post easyJet selected Croatia for the... Read more »
  • Good momentum for further coperation
    Share This: Political, economic and cultural relations between Croatia and Italy are increasingly strengthening. Areas in which we can strengthen and intensify our cooperation are ranging from migration issues to economic and trade relations, to education and research. The relations … Continue reading → The post Good momentum for further coperation... Read more »
  • A helping hand
    Share This: As a community helping international families living in Croatia we created a social platform which enables them to tap into a big network of information from finding their new homes to dealing with everyday challenges of living in … Continue reading → The post A helping hand appeared first... Read more »
  • We can do well together
    Share This: I am proud of the fact that I have known this country since its re-birth and that I have witnessed its important progress. I believe that Croatia has fantastic development opportunities for its society and economy, amplified by … Continue reading → The post We can do well together... Read more »